Young people and the internet essay

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Problematic computer use is a growing social issue which is being debated worldwide.

Young people and the internet essay

English Aug 19, I cannot but to admit that the Internet is the greatest invention in the 20th century. In fact, today our global communication is functioning based on the Internet as it transmits all kinds of information.

Certainly, teenagers compose a major group of the Internet users as they research for papers, chat with friends, read e-mails, and so on. It appears to us that the Internet has become so convenient to us that we can barely live without it; however, we might want to examine its pros and cons to the younger generation.

May I ask a question? Is here anyone younger than 30 not using the Internet? If you raise your hand, then what are you doing right now?

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Obviously, we use the Internet because we need it. We need the quick access to information and knowledge. We need the convenience that the cyberspace offers. We can use email, Skype, and MSN to communicate with friends for free.

Of course there are much more thing that we can do through the Internet. All what we got from the Internet can be conclude in a word, convenience.

One important impact of the Internet to the younger generation is that it has changed the way they communicate. Instead of hanging out with friends, teenagers had showed a trend that they would rather stay at home and chat with each other.

However, it is not obviously good for health since sitting in front of their personal computer chatting throughout their free time is not the best way to release pressure. Furthermore, the Internet has become a major source of entertainment for the younger generation according to the development of flash and web-based games.

Some youngsters are so addicted to it that they start perform poorly in other fields, such as academy and athletics. What is also worth noticing is that there is no certain way that can restrict the information on the Internet. It is saying that youngsters may receive all kinds of information without the ability of judging it, though it may sometimes be beneficial.

Some invisible hazards are inside the internet world. Children sometimes go to the websites that contain violent, porn, and other inappropriate information. However, so far, there has been no good method to completely restrain information before it gets to the children.

Besides, I think most of you have heard the tragic news, Emma Watson, the girl who acted as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter movie series, was reported dead at age Is it a bad thing, then? Some vote yes, but some says no.Dec 04,  · People rely on the Internet because it is the best way to do many tasks quickly.

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Doing a Google search is much faster than any alternative. If there is a better way, people would use that instead. Internet Essay- The Internet is the Greatest Invention of Mankind- Discuss. Droit constitutionnel l1 dissertation writing the golden ratio in nature and art essay.

Philosophischer essay zeit inconsistent triad essay writing research paper on supply chain management. Oct 22,  · Technology advancement has nowadays changed the lifestyles of many people in the society.

Young people and the internet essay

The most people who have been impacted by technology are the teens. The teen of the contemporary generation spends most of their time on computers, phones and other technology devices.

When thinking of internet security, my expectations change depending on where I am accessing the internet from. When I am accessing the web from home I feel some sort of safety because I have lots of different protection on my home computers as well as a secured network site key that cannot be accessed by my neighbors or anyone else unless my password is given to them by me.

Essay for young people.

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