Write abap code sap query

To demonstrate this we are going to make a standard query with one table using ABAP Coding on it, instead of creating an infoset with three tables inner join as usual. Fill Infoset Name and Direct read of table: After filling data on screen aboveit is necessary save infoset: Here second option is marked and click on the button:

Write abap code sap query

Select a filtering method and click Next. The Import Metadata wizard displays the Loading Progress dialog box while it is retrieving the business domains. It may take a few minutes to list the business domains depending on the network location of the SAP application server, the type of LAN used, or the size of the SAP application database.

write abap code sap query

Use the Business Domain Hierarchy dialog box to select the SAP business domains that contain the metadata tables you want to import. Select a folder and click Show Tables to view the tables available in a business domain.

The Import Wizard displays a list of tables in the selected business domain in the Folder dialog box. Review this dialog box to ensure that you are selecting the required tables. Some business domains can contain more than tables. Importing such a large amount of metadata can take time, depending on the network connection speed and the processing power of the source and target systems.

The Description matches field is case sensitive, the Name matches field is not. You can also search for tables by their names. Specify the number of tables you want to import in the Maximum number of objects displayed field. Selecting Objects for Metadata Import The Object Selection page contains a description of the tables and enables you to select the tables you want to import into the SAP module.

To select the tables: Move the tables from the available list to the selected list. The Import Metadata Wizard also enables you to choose whether you want to import tables with foreign key relationships for each table that you choose to import.

You can select one of the following: Import only the tables in the Selected list. Import the tables in the Selected list and any tables linked to them directly through a foreign key relationship.

Import the tables in the Selected list and all tables linked to them hrough foreign key relationships. The selected tables appear in the Selected list of the Table Selection page.

The wizard displays the Summary and Import page. You can edit the descriptions for each table by selecting the Description field and typing a new description.

Review the information on the Summary and Import page and click Finish. The time it takes to import the SAP metadata into the workspace depends on the size and number of tables and the connection between the SAP application server and the workspace. It is a best practice to import small batches of tables to allow better performance.Building an SAP Query using ABAP Code Previous.

6. Generate the InfoSet. 7. Now create a user group. 8. Now assign the user group ZUGRP_BEJ to the InfoSet ZINFOSET_BEJ. I’ve assigned two users in my user group. Save it. 9. Now create the query.

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Now execute the query from SQ The ABAP Query application is used to create reports not already present in SAP system. It has been designed for users with little or no knowledge of the ABAP programming. ABAP Query offers users a broad range of ways to define reports and create different types of reports such as basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists.

Learn more about how to write SQL injection-free ABAP code. SAP SQL Injections are one of the most common injection vulnerability in general and in ABAP as well. Learn more about how to write SQL injection-free ABAP code It consists of the insertion of malicious SQL query crafted by an attacker into an entry field of an application.

Via SQL. The first area is the administration screen for user-defined routines. ABAP code that is written here is done so in the form of a subroutine, and can be reused by all LSMW objects within the project in which the user-defined routine was created.

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Sam Gassem explains the proper location for ABAP code intended to invoke a query.

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