Three paragraph of why cell phones should be in schools

Cell phones are the most used communication tool today. But they are not just limited to communication purposes today.

Three paragraph of why cell phones should be in schools

Teacher and administrators all over the world are doing amazing things, but some of the things we are still doing, despite all the new solutions, research and ideas out there is, to put it mildly, incredible.

I have compiled a list of 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools and it is my hope that this will inspire lively discussions about the future of education.

Computer Rooms The idea of taking a whole class to a computer room with outdated equipment, once a week to practice their typewriting skills and sending them back to the classroom 40 minutes later, is obsolete. Isolated classrooms Classrooms can be isolated in two ways.

Chicago Tribune - We are currently unavailable in your region Many Scholastic news articles are perfect to use because they are short, and for the most part have a structure that is similar to how I want my students to write. The articles often include:
Chapter Four: How parents and schools regulate teens’ mobile phones | Pew Research Center With the advent of technology, cell phones became a common sight in the hands of the people in the 21st century.
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7 Reasons Why Students Should Use Cell Phones in School Along with this, a cell phone provides numerous entertainment options, which are especially valued by the younger generation—high school students, in particular.

The other way is being isolated to all the knowledge outside the 4 walls. For example from the internet, videos, blogs, websites and visits from authors or scientists through Skype, to name a few. The classroom should be open, teachers should be able to walk in and learn from each other, parents should visit often, f.

Isolated classrooms are therefore obsolete. Banning phones and tablets Taking phones and tablets from students instead of using them to enhance learning is obsolete. We should celebrate the technology students bring and use them as learning tools. Phones are no longer just devices to text and make phone calls… when they were, then banning them was OK.

Today there is more processing power in the average cellular telephone than NASA had access to when they sent a Three paragraph of why cell phones should be in schools to the moon in Yet most students only know how to use these devices for social media and playing games.

Today you can edit a movie, make a radio show, take pictures, make posters, websites, blog, tweet as a character from a book, have class conversations over TodaysMeet and Google most answers on a test with the device in your pocket.

Tech director with an administrator access Having one person responsible for the computer system, working from a windowless office in the school basement, surrounded by old computers, updates the programs and tells the staff what tech tools they can and cannot use… is obsolete. Today we need technology co-ordinators that know what teachers and students need to be successful and solves problems instead of creating barriers.

Someone who helps people to help themselves by giving them responsibility and finds better and cheaper ways to do things. The school should have a Facebook page, share news and information with parents, have a Twitter account and their own hashtag, run their own online TV channel where students film, edit and publish things about school events.

Unhealthy cafeteria food School cafeterias that look and operate almost like fast food restaurants where staff and students get a cheap, fast and unhealthy meals are obsolete. A few schools in Iceland and Sweden have turned almost completely to organic foods and given thought into the long term benefit of healthy food rather than the short term savings of the unhealthy.

Children should put the food on their own plate, clean up after themselves and even do the dishes. Not because it saves the school money on workforce but because it is a part of growing up and learning about responsibility.

What 21st century schools should be doing as well is growing their own fruits and vegetables where students water them and learn about nature. The goal with providing students a healthy meal is not only to give them enough nutrition to last the school day but to make healthy food a normal part of their daily life and get them to think about nutrition which is something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Often parents or administrators needs get in the way of that change. In the best schools of the future, they will be the ones doing it as a real project that has meaning and as a collaborative project in language and art….

Traditional libraries Libraries that only contain books and chess tables are obsolete.

Three paragraph of why cell phones should be in schools

A 21st century library should be at the heart of the school and a place where both students and staff can come in to relax, read, get advice, access powerful devices, edit videos, music, print in 3D and learn how to code to name a few.

This 21st century learning space should give people an equal chance to use these devices and access information. Otherwise these libraries will turn into museums where people go to look at all the things we used to use. All students get the same Putting kids in the same class because they are born in the same year is obsolete.


School systems were originally set up to meet the needs of industrialism. Back then we needed people to work in factories, conformity was good and nobody was meant to excel or be different in that environment.

In most schools, if you are good in art but bad in german you get german lessons to get to par with the other students instead of excelling at art… All even, all the same! Education should be individualised, students should work in groups regardless of age and their education should be built around their needs.

One-Professional development-workshop-fits-all A school that just sends the entire staff to a workshop once a month where everyone get the same are obsolete.

Professional development is usually top down instead of the ground up where everyone get what they want and need. Standardized tests to measure the quality of education Looking at standardized tests to evaluate whether or not children are educated or not is the dumbest thing we can do and gives us a shallow view of learning.

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The outcomes, although moderately important, measure only a small part of what we want our kids to learn and by focusing on these exams we are narrowing the curriculum. The world today and the needs of the society are completely different to what they used to be.

We are not only training people to work locally but globally.

Three paragraph of why cell phones should be in schools

Because of that we all produce the same kind of workers, outdated workers, to work in factories. People who can comply, behave and be like everybody else. In the global world today it is easy to outsource jobs to someone who is willing to do the same job, just as fast for less money.

Therefore we need creative people that can do something else and think differently.In paragraph three I will talk about how Americas changed socially.

In paragraph four I will talk about how Americas changed politically. Than in paragraph five I will go over all of the important things that I have covered in the previous paragraphs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states schools should play a pivotal role in supporting healthy eating, including eliminating soda machines from school cafeterias and other rooms where children can access them.

Feb 23,  · You could say.. maybe like, Many people have different opinions on whether not you should have cell phones in school.

My opinion is that we should/shouldn't Then the next paragraph is explaining why and examples and other stuff you'd like about the Resolved. Homework week2 – submitted For this assignment, I chose the following three topics and explanation. They are related to our current society and raise serious issues affecting our daily lives.

Topic 1 - Should Transportation Security (TSA) regulations be changed? The terrorist attacks of September 11 in the United States of America, reveal a lack of security in our transportation system. Cell phones are the most used communication tool today.

But they are not just limited to communication purposes today. Read on to find out importance of mobile phones in our daily life.

By , this had risen to 50%, and by some 98% of schools either did not allow phones on school premises or required them to be handed in at the beginning of the day.

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