The wound dresser by john adams

Hamer-Brant Treestone Below is a list of other important individuals and sites in Oak Ridge Cemetery that have significance to the community, state and nation. Bullard designed the Romanesque revival stone office in

The wound dresser by john adams

In the veteran land surveyor, Benjamin Wright, laid out into townships and lots the entire Black river tract, or the eleven towns, comprising substantially all of great lots numbers five and six of the original Macomb purchase.

Through various sales and transfers the title to the vast tract became vested July 15, in Nicholas Low, William Henderson, Richard Harrison and Josiah Ogden Hoffman, who paid for the same one dollar per acre. On this division townships Nos. Bostwick, acting in succession, the lands were disposed of to settlers.

A subsequent survey by Robert McDowell found the town to contain 26, acres. The lots were subdivided in by Joseph Crary, under the direction of agent Stow, who accomplished the work of settling the lands with the best pioneer element in the whole Black river country.

However, before entering upon a detail of the events of this period of our history, let us briefly turn back and learn something of the previous occupants of the region and preserve for future generations the knowledge of their places of abode and also of their offensive and defensive fortifications.

Watertown presents many evidences of the aboriginal occupation, and it may truthfully be said that no other town in the state furnishes more decided proofs of the Indian occupancy and warfare. Here, too, are the headwaters of North Sandy creek, which one or two centuries ago was plentifully supplied with fish, while the surrounding forests furnished abundant game for the chase.

Hunting and fishing was the chief occupation of the Indians, and it is not surprising that this locality should have been one of their favorite haunts. It was here that they erected some of their strongest defensive works, and also established their most populous temporary villages, lines of which follow the Rutland and Dry Hill ranges from the northeast to the southwest part of the town, and which, with like works in Rutland, on the east, and Rodman, Adams and Ellisburgh on the west, forms a continuous chain of defenses from the Black river to Lake Ontario.

In this town four distinct fortifications were found, plans of which are reproduced in this chapter plates made in from actual surveys, and from information received from pioneers and early settlers.

The wound dresser by john adams

Perhaps the strongest and most modern of all these works was that found on the farm of the late Amby H. Gragg, about half a mile northeast of Burrville. John Taylor made a missionary tour through this part of the state, and in visiting this fort made a plan of it, which is almost identical with that produced in this chapter.

The description of this work was prepared inand is fairly descriptive of present surroundings. It is as follows: Gragg one half mile east of Burrville, and about one-fourth of a mile from the Rutland town line, on lot No.

It is a crescent running across an elevated ridge, the steep bank of which completed the enclosure, and would have rendered it a very suitable position for defense.

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No graves were found and there is reason to believe it was a military work, belonging to a period long subsequent to that of many others in this section of the state. On the hillside is a spring of water, and within the enclosure a large boulder of gneiss which has been worn smooth and concave in places by the rubbing of stone implements.

On a point of land across the deep valley was picked up a cast iron ball weighing eight ounces. Several of those have at various times been found by inhabitants, and this leads to the conjecture that they may have a connection with the history of the work.

Fragments and implements of aboriginal workmanship have been abundant. This site being on the line between Montreal and Onondaga, may we not reasonably conclude that it may have been a camp or station of the French, at the period when they occupied trading and missionary posts among the Iroquois two centuries ago?

No trace of the original mound is now left. The sketch was drawn under direction of one of the early settlers, who was familiaT with it when the country was first cleared. The point of land occupied by this fortification was also the site of an ancient village, relics of which are yet found in considerable quantities.

It was thus occupied as an Indian encampment when the pioneers came into the county. About two miles west of Burrville, and two and one half miles southeast of Watertown on the farm now owned by Mrs.

Truman Hungerford was formerly the remains of an Indian earthwork, of which the following plan and description were made in Its place and relative position appears in the outline and sketch.

It is said to have resembled the work near it.Adams County Free Press. Area effort ends search successfully By Don Groves Free Press A two-day search for a missing Prescott woman ended in relief when she was found about a half-mile north of her home more than 36 hours after she went missing.

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The Hulke Family The Taranaki Herald 23 October p5 claims this about the early origins of the Hulke family fleeing Flanders during the Dutch Revolt.

In the veteran land surveyor, Benjamin Wright, laid out into townships and lots the entire Black river tract, or the eleven towns, comprising substantially all of great lots numbers five and six of the original Macomb purchase.

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