The ultimate guide to handling the

How to maintain order over the long-term How to declutter your work area If you want to be more productive and focused in your work, getting the clutter out of your work area is essential. Start with your desk Clear everything off the top of it and take everything out of the drawers.

The ultimate guide to handling the

The editorial content on this page is not provided or commissioned by any financial institution. Kate Dore If our lives always went according to plan, we would never be hit with expensive car repairs, sudden job layoffs, family emergencies, or unexpected health problems.

My Emergency Fund Story I quickly learned the importance of an emergency fund after burning out in my previous career. Five years of promoting concerts throughout North America had taken its toll, and I knew I needed a break to recharge.

But working in the music business also led to excessive spending on designer clothing, fancy dinners, and too much partying—leaving little savings to show for my hard work. My six-month emergency fund gave me the confidence to quit my job and recharge for a few months before eventually transitioning into tech.

Experts recommend saving three to six months of your take-home pay in liquid assets for your emergency fund. Ultimately, your individual circumstances will determine how much you need.

Ask yourself these important questions during the decision making process: Does your employer or union provide a loss of income protection plan like short or long-term disability insurance?

The ultimate guide to handling the

What are the withdrawal terms on your permanent life insurance policy? How robust is your medical insurance plan? What is your existing level of fixed expenses and debt? Does your family have additional sources of income?

Do you have access to a home equity line of credit? Be aware that inflation eats away at the value of your cash over time. Tactics To Quickly Build an Emergency Fund One of the fastest ways to build an emergency fund is by automating your savings. If a certain amount is deducted from every paycheck, you will never have the opportunity to spend that money earmarked for savings on payday cocktails.

There are a couple of ways to set this up: Ask your bank to automatically transfer a fixed amount from your checking account to your savings account every month. Money market mutual funds, asset management accounts, and series EE savings bonds all work well for automated savings plans.

Allocation of Your Emergency Fund Assets The Importance of Liquidity Most financial advisors emphasize the importance of maintaining adequate liquidity with your emergency fund. Liquidity means having easy access to cash, without needing to dip into your long-term investments, in order to pay your bills on time.

After two months without a full-time job, I was forced to sell some stocks to cover my expenses—a move that can cause a loss of principal or tax liability. A financial planner or accountant can help with specific tax questions you may have. They are convenient, easy to use, and FDIC insured.

They generally require a low minimum balance, but some accounts can incur costly fees.

The ultimate guide to handling the

The primary downside is no or low interest rates. In some cases the interest rates can be above 1. However, the return is still considered low compared to the alternatives.

Money Market Deposit Account: These accounts are insured, have limited checking privileges, and offer relatively attractive variable interest rates. However, they still offer lower returns than CDs and money market mutual funds. They also require a high minimum balance.

Certificate of Deposit CD: Money Market Mutual Fund: These funds work well for an automated payroll deduction plan and offer some checking privileges.Black Colored Spores and Spore Prints. If the spore print is jet black, then the mushroom in those two genera belong to one of the following families: Panaeolus and/or black spored mushrooms that do not contain active ingredients are Coprinus (Shaggy Mane's) and/or Anellaria.

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“Hypomania is a reprieve, a little bit of the Energizer bunny after being tired of being depressed all the time,” says Aparna Ramaswamy, PhD, a licensed clinical professional counselor in Maryland who is a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins University.

Improper storage and handling can reduce or destroy the potency of the vaccines, making them ineffective.

And that can cost your pharmacy thousands of dollars in inventory. Not to mention the immeasurable dollars from your patients’ lost trust.

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