The role of religion in society

Ayush Chowdhury explains the various religions prevalent in India and their associated advantages and disadvantages. He also mentions about the role of religion in politics and science and the possible drawbacks of a religious society, religious dominance etc.

The role of religion in society

The Role of Religion in Society The Role of Religion in Society 2 February Sociology Outline and evaluate the view that the role of religion in society is to promote stability and consensus?

The title is arguing clearly form a functionalist perspective on religion. Thus it is good to be controlled by religion as it is vital in order for society to function. They believe religion ideologically controls us; forcing us to believe certain things as it makes us believe our fate is governed by god.

They feel Religion hides the fact that our fate is actually determined by classes and those who are in a higher class than us. Althusser supported this by describing religion as an ideological state apparatus, meaning that religion is used as a tool to control us thus maintaining stability.

For example, the black slavery period, stability and order was maintained through that period by religion, it gave the slaves hope and meaning for their suffering.

They were led to believe that if they behaved well and endured their suffering in this life they would be rewarded in another life because this is what god wanted and their suffering is therefore god given.

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However, he also thought that many teachings from religion could influence behaviour and thus challenge the status quo so in some ways we shape society, and we have elements of control.

For example, if you lose a loved one it is comforting to think, especially to children, that they are in heaven and that one day you will see them again. It helps you to move on quicker so does not affect the status quo.

There are many situations in life where religion does not promote stability and consensus, but where it actually causes conflict and change. The Shah led a very free westernized society, Muslim girls went to school and wore jeans and had their hair down.

Ayatollah, along with many others, felt threatened by the west countries taking over.

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He believed that Western culture was a plague or an intoxication to be eliminated. So he took Iran back over years, and overnight Muslim girls were now completely veiled up due to fear of their life. He forced everyone to reject the influence of both liberal capitalism and communism even to the extent that they should not be friends with non-Muslims The liberation theology is another contradiction to the functionalist view of religion.

It sees religion being used deliberately to bring about social change. The protestant work ethic demonstrates this idea, where religion has caused monumental change. It is centred on a small group of Protestants called Calvinists. They emphasised the necessity for hard work and worldly success, because they believed this was a calling from god.

The role of religion in society

They followed the idea that people were predestined; you were either dammed or saved and that it was impossible to know who was predestined.What is the role of religion in European society?

'Regimes of Religious Pluralism in 20th Century' conference.

The role of religion in society

18 April During the conference 'Regimes of Religious Pluralism in 20th Century Europe' the role of religion in 20th century Europe will be discussed with a . Islam's role in an ethical society but with different cultural and religious backgrounds.

a pluralistic society needs a strong and effective ethics of citizenship in order to face up to. Keywords: religion and society essay, functionalism and religion Functionalism is the most widely-used theory in modern sociology.

Generally, functionalism runs on the systematical method of any given subject, asserting that each element of this object fulfills a required role, which is vital either to keep carefully the balance of the machine or because of its survival. Religion does play a role in society, though the extent of its role is dependent on the structure and dynamics of the population.

Religion was a theme noted many times in the U.S. Constitution, which ensures the ability of an American to exercise religious freedom. the role of religion in social life, it is evident that a regular order of procedure is developed by religion in society and thus it helps to control the society.

Religion helps to shape the character of an individual and thereby it moulds social life. Religion is a cause of the retention of conservative or traditional values. Thus the form of society is an effect of the religious form in that society.

Another position is that religion can cause change in society, and society adopts a new moral order. Again, the form of a society is an effect of religion.

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