The reasons why we should support captains of the american industry

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The reasons why we should support captains of the american industry

Evrim Numanoglu Ozge Posted July 3, at 9: Pablo Villarreal Posted July 2, at 8: I have promised myself that all the decision I will take, personal and business-related, should not harm others.

Being an MBA graduate gives me the opportunity to influence the world how it is today, and I take this responsibility very seriously.

I think it is up to everyone to act responsible, but graduate students should even go further. Malik Badouraly Posted July 2, at 5: I would like to comment the 3 objectives set by the MBA oath: Fred Posted June 30, at 8: I also agree that it is always good to remember important values and I hope the Oath and its reminders will have that power.

Finally, given recent events and statements in the media, I would like to add that although I support the Oath initiative I believe that ethics is learned through life, so the Oath for MBAs may help, but something has to be done at earlier stages in society in general.

The reasons why we should support captains of the american industry

Julie Lasne Posted June 30, at 7: Usually, they do it. Masterson Posted June 24, at 3: Without a steadfast commitment to the honorable conduct envisioned by the oath, our children and grandchildren will not be granted the rights and freedoms of their forefathers.

Rahul Posted June 23, at 1: It is sad to see students and entrepreneurs graduating from so-called top business schools, and to safeguard their personal interests and business interest, they breach, violate all the possible ethical boundaries which are universally accepted.

I hope some of them, to whom I have forwarded this email, do a reality check and start following these principles from now on at least.

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Its great to see such a gesture made on a global footprint. Jako Volschenk Posted June 15, at Maybe the Oath is a step in that direction. Jose Gomez Posted June 10, at 2: The oath should include anyone whose decisions could potentially affect other stakeholders.

Theo Breward Posted June 10, at 8: This is how a good man can captain a doubtful organisation. Jim Garaventa Posted June 9, at 6: Doctors, lawyers, and any other profession that has a code of ethics or oath can only be affective if the signer put aside personal interests for the greater good.

We read and hear too many stories where corruption infiltrates our enterprises. If we personally do this we can collectively make a difference. Jonas Eder-Hansen Posted June 9, at The latter has too many skeptics who are more against the idea of an Oath than the actual content.

So, using the Oath as a starting point for a qualifying discussion is in my view worth much more in the long run than a never ending argue of whether or not to sign. At Copenhagen Business School we have initiated this discussion successfully and also use the debate to support the creation of a student code of conduct that will prepare the students for the Oath discussion and better qualify their decisions for or against such an effort.

Azevedo Posted June 4, at 5: It was the catalyst that propelled my decision that it was never about starting a business but as to what purpose that business would serve.

I am now in the process of that endeavor which will be committed to moral and ethical progress and best business practices. Strong business ethics is a pillar of my strategic planning and strategic thinking business coaching efforts each and every day.

The oath gives us a foundation we can build on to regain trust in our society. If business leaders had lived by the oath we would not be in the situation we are today. Shubhendu Mathur Posted June 1, at It is important for us in business to not to lose focus and wrongly believe that business is just about profit making.

It is about serving the society and creating value for it.

Help me figure it out. Here are five explanations, each of them a partial truth.

It is about treating every one fairly. It is about not fudging numbers and making incorrect statements for unfair benefit. It is about making appropriate disclosures as and when needed.

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