The characteristics of the two types of satallites

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The characteristics of the two types of satallites

Until the discovery of the Galilean satellites inhowever, there was no opportunity for referring to such objects as a class.

He derived the term from the Latin word satelles, meaning "guard", "attendant", or "companion", because the satellites accompanied their primary planet in their journey through the heavens. Inhowever, the launching of the artificial object Sputnik created a need for new terminology. Sputnik was created by Soviet Union, and it was the first satellite ever.

Many authors define "satellite" or "natural satellite" as orbiting some planet or minor planet, synonymous with "moon"—by such a definition all natural satellites are moons, but Earth and other planets are not satellites.

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Small asteroid moons natural satellites of asteroidssuch as Dactylhave also been called moonlets. Two orbiting bodies are sometimes described as a double planet rather than primary and satellite. Asteroids such as 90 Antiope are considered double asteroids, but they have not forced a clear definition of what constitutes a moon.

Some authors consider the Pluto—Charon system to be a double dwarf planet.

Satellites - Types and Uses of Satellites

The most common[ citation needed ] dividing line on what is considered a moon rests upon whether the barycentre is below the surface of the larger body, though this is somewhat arbitrary, because it depends on distance as well as relative mass. Origin and orbital characteristics[ edit ] Two moons: Most of the major natural satellites of the Solar System have regular orbits, while most of the small natural satellites have irregular orbits.

The material that would have been placed in orbit around the central body is predicted to have reaccreted to form one or more orbiting natural satellites.

As opposed to planetary-sized bodies, asteroid moons are thought to commonly form by this process. Triton is another exception; although large and in a close, circular orbit, its motion is retrograde and it is thought to be a captured dwarf planet.

Temporary satellites[ edit ] The capture of an asteroid from a heliocentric orbit is not always permanent. According to simulations, temporary satellites should be a common phenomenon. Tidal locking Most regular moons natural satellites following relatively close and prograde orbits with small orbital inclination and eccentricity in the Solar System are tidally locked to their respective primaries, meaning that the same side of the natural satellite always faces its planet.

In contrast, the outer natural satellites of the giant planets irregular satellites are too far away to have become locked. In most cases, the tidal effects of the planet would make such a system unstable.

Furthermore, the suspected rings are thought to be narrow, [24] a phenomenon normally associated with shepherd moons. However, targeted images taken by the Cassini spacecraft failed to detect rings around Rhea.

These companions are called trojan moonsas their orbits are analogous to the trojan asteroids of Jupiter. The trojan moons are Telesto and Calypsowhich are the leading and following companions, respectively, of the Saturnian moon Tethys ; and Helene and Polydeucesthe leading and following companions of the Saturnian moon Dione.

Some, such as 90 Antiopeare double asteroids with two comparably sized components. Shape[ edit ] The relative masses of the natural satellites of the Solar System. MimasEnceladusand Miranda are too small to be visible at this scale.Although, in some ways, the two types of lightning are polar opposites.

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words. Chapter 2 Cloud type identification by satellites Features of cloud type identification speed of the two clouds and the synoptic field. In Figures a and b, Cb appears over the sea to the east of Japan (F – marked by an triangle).

The characteristics of the two types of satallites

Chapter 2 Cloud type identification by satellites. Video: Major Characteristics of Planets in the Solar System This lesson will go over some characteristics of the planets in our solar system with respect to their masses, diameters, temperatures.

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