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Sim337 essay

Far from being resolved, the downturn which began in August deepened during The result has been a significant restructuring in the banking sector including major international Banks. Despite treatments by governments and central banks, the return to stability will probably still take some time.

The financial crisis is also quickly and intensely feeding through to the real economy. Developed economies are already in recession and the growth of emerging ones is slowing.

In this downturn, Sim337 essay and proficient banks that are well diversified, customer-oriented and have a positive balance sheet, like Barclays Bank, have a Sim337 essay advantage in the market.

I have chosen to research and analyse business and financial performance for an organisation over three year Sim337 essay which is from year to year The organisation I choose for my research and analysis is Barclays Bank Plc.


My research is carried from the shareholders point of view and stakeholders who intend to know financial situation of Barclays Bank Plc. The reason I benchmark Barclays with Lloyds TSB because they have similar business environment and they are also global bank.

I am also looking forward to work as financial analyst. Thus being an accounting student, I can complete this project by using my knowledge to determine profitability ratios, financial ratios and etc. There were lots of practical problems when doing an analysis of business and financial performance of an organization especially benchmarking.

It was not like doing exam which have all the information of an organization in the paper. There was some indirect information for me to figure out. Moreover by doing this project it will help me to enhance my report writing skill and financial data interpretation it will be beneficial for allowing me to gain a prospective and direction to analysis any company using similar method.

This project will serve as a guidance to analyse business and financial performance of a company that I can make used of the knowledge that I have learnt from my course and to apply practically on this real report.

Aims and Objectives Research will aim upon demonstrating the financial analysis particularly the ratio analysis for theand with respect to benchmarking of Barclays and Lloyds, concentrating toward the financial position of Barclays. Research will also underline the past performance of the business, strategies used in current economic climate and strategies that an organisation is adopting in order to improve the management processes and business operations.

My analysis of financial performance of Barclays is also from the point view of potential shareholders and investors. When measuring accomplishment of the organisation and financial performance of the company the ratio analysis is most significant measurement which reflects their good working strength.

Ratios solely cannot yield results. In this financial analysis I have included following ratios.

For these reasons, earning ratios have prime importance for investors and shareholders. Earnings ratios in my analysis include flowing ratios: Investors Ratio An investor is interested in: For an ordinary shareholder the relevant information will be contained in the following ratios: Liquid assets are important for the organization so that it can successfully meet its debt when they fall due.

At the same time, I will also look at the action taken by Lloyds TSB which may affect financial performance of Barclays. Risks are the opportunities and dangers associated with uncertain future events. The process of establishing a risk management system is summarised in the following diagram: A Swot analysis is an instrumental framework to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for organisation.

The strengths and weaknesses are considered to be the inner value, which can enhance or destroy factors such as skills, resources, assets, etc.

Sim337 essay

Information Gathering Data collection is the selection of sources of information and selection of methods and procedures for gathering the data needed for any research. Basically there are two sources of data collection: Primary sources The primary information is the information can be collected by face to face surveys on the street or questioners to people on the phone.

This kind of research involve a substantial amount of cost and time and it is hard to do for academic research project and for those reason I have used a secondary source of information. The secondary information I have used are: Statement of Financial Position and Statement of comprehensive Income for the last three years.

These financial reports have helped me very much to compare and analyse the performance of the Barclays and Lloyds TSB banks. I have used this published data through out my project to analyse financial position of both organisations.

Independent Analysis report Most of these reports come from independent third parties, so this is very useful and reliable sources of information for Shareholders and Stakeholders.

These books allowed me to get detailed knowledge about accounting ratios. Sources of Information Gathering Internet Internet is fast way of getting access to useful information about organisation.Free Essays on Sim Assignment for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Permutation tests for joinpoint regression with applications to cancer rates (pages –).

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For this essay, you will conduct research on how internal and external forces impact a corporation's strategy and implementation. You may use the same company or organization you have used for the SWOT and EFAS table, or you may choose a new one.

Contemporary Developments in Business and Management (SIM) Assessment weighted at % assessing all module learning outcomes. Activity: Prepare a management report of to words* on an organization within one of the following industry-sectors**.

Free Essays on Sim Assignment for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 -

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