Requirements for writing a 504 plan

The SST team can propose interventions for the student.

Requirements for writing a 504 plan

This Act indicates that no individual with a disability can be excluded from joining a federally funded program or activity — that includes elementary, secondary and post secondary school.

By "disability," the plan means a physical or mental impairment that limits an individual from one or more major activities that occur in a typical lifestyle. These impairments can include illnesses, injuries, diseases, or chronic illness like asthma, allergy, diabetes, communication problems, learning problems, writing problems, etc.

The Plan provides many facilities for those who qualify. Unfortunately, parents of those that qualify are not always aware of the options. The Plan accommodates the needs of these students and provides them with opportunities that are necessary for them to be at the same level as their peers in the educational program.

The facilities include wheelchair ramps, extra set of books, home instructions, specific diet lunches, blood sugar monitoring, tape recorder, or keyboard to take note, rearranging furniture for favored seating, etc.

For students who qualify under the FAPE, federal funds are provided to the schools for their services.

Special Education Process: IEP vs. Plan

The Plan is a legal written document that needs to be reviewed and updated periodically. This should typically done at least once a year. During the drafting of the plan, parents can put in a note on how often they feel the plan should be reviewed and updated.

For more information, contact your local parent resource center. Many school districts also have a department that is responsible for the administration of the Plan. Who Decides Eligibility Under the Plan?

The decision for qualification under the Plan is made by a team. The team includes the parents of the student, the teachers, and the school head.

The parents of the child are given equal importance in the decision. In some cases, testing and evaluation needs to be carried out. For this, several meetings need to be arranged.


If the team concludes, that the child has a disability, a Plan is drafted to note down all modifications and accommodations. Who Qualifies for the Plan?

Who has a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activities. Who has a record of such type of impairment.A student with a Plan This student has a disabling condition under Section of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of that substantially limits one or more of the student's major life activities.

Service Agreement A student that does not qualify for special education services under IDEA (an educational law) still may qualify for services under Section (a civil rights law) if the disability is shown to substantially limit his or her educational performance.

A student with a plan is able to make effective progress in school without the need for specialized instruction and/or related services. However, accommodations are required for equal access to the instruction and/or the facility.

While a medical diagnosis is appropriate for the section Accommodation Team to consider during eligibility and plan review, a medical diagnosis is not a necessary condition for being found eligible under section Strengthen Your School's IEP and Plan Process and Protect Student Rights IEPs and plans are essential tools to ensure positive learning outcomes for many students.

They also have the potential to cause legal issues for schools if they aren't properly planned and carried out. Sample Parent Letter to School Administrator Requesting a Plan Meeting!

requirements for writing a 504 plan

Re: [Student’s name] Dear [Principal’s name, Special Education Director’s name, Section Coordinator’s name.

Plans: Who Qualifies and Who Decides?