Red day

Better blonde, brunette or red? Celebs with restless hair syndrome. For more photos of Wilkinson, visit HollywoodLife. The actress looked just as good with lighter hair as she does with her usually-dark tresses.

Red day

As much as I continue to love colour, I find prints somewhat of a challenge now. DvN and Marni are, off the top of my head, the two best known design labels who pair my preferred aesthetic with bold colours and prints.

There are probably others, and I welcome all your suggestions in the comments. To go back to the former, I know there are many others who are devoted to DvN; his pieces have relatively high resale value on eBay, The RealReal, and so on, and they rarely turn up in thrift stores.

The latter fact pains me. In all my years of thrifting, locally and overseas, I have only ever found one DvN piece.

Red day

It all Red day with this inspo pic I found back when I was researching my style avatars. This, to me, is the epitome of chic. I love the silhouette, the dimensions, the balance between restraint and exuberance.

As I began to do more research, I quickly fell in love with all iterations of this idea: The problem with hunting for something this specific, exclusive, and recent is that the chances of finding it secondhand in Edmonton are pretty slim.

Online, they have been popping up with some regularity on eBay and TRR in the months since I started my search, but the prices are if not downright prohibitive, then certainly second-guess-inducing.

But being responsible sucks. And so, with all apologies to Mr. Van Noten, I began looking for an alternative. A DIY alternative, to be precise. After all, how difficult could it be? This is the genius of Dries Van Noten, master of print mixing. He makes it look easy, but finding two completely different patterns that create a perfect, unexpected-yet-brilliant, beautiful pairing is hard AF.

I looked for suitable scarves in clashing-but-matching, bold-but-not-gaudy patterns for months, with little success. This one came with print-mixing already baked in; I liked the contrasting patterns both individually and together, and while neither was as interesting or unusual as a DvN print, they were pleasing to my eye.

The cotton twill actually worked better with the wool skirt I initially planned to Franken-Noten. Why make a skirt when I could make … … a belt! A scarf belt that could be used interchangeably with various other pieces in my wardrobe — dresses, skirts, pants, you name it.

And so much easier to DYI! The only thing I had to do was source a stretchy black belt from the thrift store. I decided to look for something with minimal hardware — basically, just an elastic band with a couple of snaps, that could ideally adjust to several widths my natural waist and something closer to my hips.

After a couple of weeks of searching, I found a likely candidate: The top flat part is what I ended up pinning to the belt. Then, I tried it with a skirt: As a DYI project, I think this was fairly successful, in that my belt scarf functions as intended.

The thing that surprised me was that I felt a little bit … well, self-conscious wearing these outfits. Like, maybe having a scarf attached to my hip is where my enthusiasm for the avant-garde meets the limits of my willingness to draw attention to myself.

I have noticed that, while my Dries stalking continues online and IRLmy lust for the scarf pieces has cooled significantly.Everything mom did, she did well and with love in her heart. It started right at the beginning with the Christening gown with the teeniest buttons, snaps and bows, little jacket, slip, bonnet and felt shoes she made for me when I was baptized.

Midi Love. I am obsessed with midi (and maxi) skirts and dresses right now, can you tell? This is the 3rd or 4th such skirt I’ve acquired in the last couple of months, and it’s an interesting piece. Express your nature.

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