Maintaining family values

The four-hundred-year Ottoman Empire had entered its final age when the company of young entrepreneur Yordan Obegi, spread across the wilayats of Aleppo, Damascus, Baghdad, Mosul, Southern Anatolia, as well as the Sanjaks of Ladikiya and Trablous, and the Moutassarrifia of Lebanon. At the time, Yordan Obegi made himself known for introducing chemical dyestuffs for textile from Germany, rugs, and leather products to the market. In the s, third-generation siblings, Yordan, Riad and the late Georges, took the reins of the business which currently employs over 2, people across 14 countries.

Maintaining family values

Maintaining family values

By Elaine Eksteen Main Image Article My parents used to do their monthly shop on a tight budget when we were growing up. I remember, as a young teen, savouring each mouthful of my portion of the biscuit ration.

I thought very little about the way we fairly apportioned treats until one day, a visiting friend remarked on how odd she found our having bought just one bar of nougat, which we then divided among us.

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It never seemed strange to me — that was just the way we did things. We shared, Maintaining family values we were grateful for the bit we got. Sharing was part of our family culture — something we did without thinking.

Family culture reflects the way our habits turn values into practical living. Your family culture will show it. You value money or your extended family?

Values might be traits such as being hardworking, generosity, contentment, caring for the environment, courage, creativity, honesty, inclusiveness, a positive attitude, patience, trust, humility or fairness. They provide a road map for our children and are an inner guide to assist in decision-making.

Values shape both our character and our attitudes towards others and they determine our behaviour. Answering that is always a lot more challenging.

Family harmony is a critical component to a strong family business. Alignment in vision and values and strong commitment from family members helps business leaders to make tough decisions that will steer the company in an appropriate direction. Family harmony and . Another key value is harmony. To maintain it becomes more and more complex as the family grows with every individual bringing in his personality. It is a constant exercise in communication and finding balance. It requires sacrifice from everyone but a great deal depends on maintaining a shared vision, not only for the business but also for the family. Sep 04,  · Maintaining family values A survey of family businesses found that management succession planning was a worry for 39% of business owners, while 35% cited engaging and developing the next generation as a concern.

Our families are certain to benefit from a few minutes of self-reflection I know ours has. Some other questions you might want to answer include: Are these the values and habits we would like them to take into adulthood?

Children pick up the intentions and underlying message of the parent. Our own behaviour and the things we purport to value need to equate if we are going to be effective in passing on values to our children.

Chatting things through Johannesburg parents Molefe and Ntsiki Mputamputa have two daughters, who are 18 and nine years old, and a baby on the way. They believe that practising what they preach is a critical part of building values into their family. Equally important is communication.

Dooley agrees that talking about our values is an important part of the process. Each value can be learnt through dozens of different habits. Hard work, for instance, can be made part of your family culture in a number of ways.

The older three have helped to paint their bedrooms, unload bricks for a garden path, build a tree house and lift kitchen tiles. Sometimes they earn a bit of money for their effort.

Our girls have grown to appreciate our journeys. They also know that for the garden to look good, Dad has put in a lot of effort; for the house to look great, Mom has put in a lot of effort.

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The boys have age-appropriate chores to do in the home — from emptying the dishwasher and picking up dog poo, to setting the table, emptying the kitchen bin and making their beds.The family can encourage our commitment to individuals, communities, and God.

To help emphasize the important role of the family, a modern Prophet and Apostles revealed The Family: A Proclamation to the World to help strengthen the family and explain its divine nature and purpose.

A family discusses family values in their living room. Photo Credit: Design Pics/Design Pics/Getty Images It takes some considerable effort to develop a healthy family structure, and it takes continued focus to maintain one.

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Values can fix that. If a family operates by core values, family decisions can be better negotiated. If a family values "teamwork," for example, then all members should agree that no one person should be responsible for preparing Thanksgiving dinner. One of the challenges relating to values is that they’re more caught than taught.

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“A supportive, nourishing and cohesive family, who embraces the growth of their children, will inspire pro-social behaviour like kindness, sharing, consideration, honesty and loyalty.

Maintaining family values in society rests heavily on family people to instill family values in their children who intern will do the same to their generation. Violating the principles of God leads to violating the principles of all other governments. The role of race and gender in the family values debate.

Campus Safety. This article begins with an exploration of the way in which values about family as well as the value of there is no obvious consensus in this country as to whether the proper role of the state is to maintain norms that are commonly shared or whether it is to.

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