It security breaches essay

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It security breaches essay

More Essay Examples on Computer security Rubric Internet technology has created the allowance for criminals to carry out fraudulent transactions, as well as transmit the proceeds of the frauds to other institutions. Cyber frauds occur in message boards, websites, emails and even chat rooms Messner, Purchase fraud is an example of cyber fraud and occurs when a perpetrator proposes a business transaction to a merchant, only to use fraudulent mechanisms, such as a fake or stolen credit card, to pay for it.

The eventuality is that the merchant does not receive the payment and may even be charged back for accepting credit cards. Another example of fraud is whereby theperpetrators post information about goods that they intend to sell. Interested buyers are asked to make payments for the purchase and delivery of the goods.

However, it later turns out that the goods were non-existent and they had only been conned. The third example of cyber fraud is phishing, which is the act of masquerading as a person that can be trusted, such as bank agents or consultants, to acquire information that is sensitive, such as details of credit cards and passwords, among other details that victims may be convinced to share.

Subsequently, the information offered is used for fraudulent transactions. It is argued that cyber frauds makeheadlines each day.

It security breaches essay Solution is one of the companies with evolving techniques of curbing cyber frauds. The company claims to be the only one that is well placed to curb various forms of electronic fraud, clouds and premises.

The company has introduced an updated version of the Detect Monitoring Services, which entails timely fraud protection, enhanced monitoring capabilities and enhanced fraud protection. Detect Monitoring Service software effectively monitors the behaviors and patterns associated with phishing scams.

Thus, it stops the threats before they cause damage.

It security breaches essay

The software comprises of a relatively simple interface that can effectively function for all forms of clouds and even premises. Online transactions services have been particularly affected by cyber frauds.

More often than not, customers often get cautious when asked to give personal information. Online transaction service providers have only resorted to instilling confidence in the customers as a way of encouraging them. This entails displaying policies, security badges and trust certificates, as well as the contact information.

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This should be done, regardless of whether some browsers have security indicators built in them. Some online retailing companies, such as Amazon, display this through the use of the sign-in button.

Others opt to use padlock symbols that are located in the sign-in areas. This is advisable, even when it is not needed by the customers. Online retailing companies are advised to give alternative contact options. Indeed, some companies are offering customer care support by using call backs, e-mails, and chats to enable users report suspicious activities.

Malicious attacks are considered to constitute the most expensive data breach, yet they are increasing. Network security is a necessity for every company. However, former employees who leave the company due to downsizing can be considered as a significant threat.

It can be argued that individuals with the potential of hacking, sabotaging and damaging systems are those with familiarity to nature and form of network system. What increases the possibility of hacking is,if the employees left the company due to retrenchment, the attempts of network hacking could be fueled by the whims of revenge.

The fact that information technology does not respond to the altering of access points act as a fueling factor. According to the CERT survey, a significant number of former employees are increasingly utilizing the opportunity.

The survey also notes that former IT professionals are particularly a significant threat to data security Hazelden Foundation, Data breaches caused by negligence could be resolved by addressing the factors associated with negligence.

On the other hand, data breaches caused by malicious software could be prevented by using appropriate network intrusion, detection techniques and anti-spyware software. Technological mechanisms would include updating and altering passwords for security purposes. The information can be used for other criminal activities such as fraud or espionage.

Telvent Company hacking is considered as one of the recent hacking events that occurred in September The company has learned that its firewall and security systems have been compromised by the attackers who installed malicious software that enabled them steal project files. Telvent, a company whose services and software are applied in monitoring energy industry reported that it has been hacked which affected its operation in United States, Spain and Canada.


The incident was blamed on Chinese hacking groups opposed to Western interests Thiel, Lately, US officials have blamed Russia and China for staging intrusion attacks against United States for espionage, economic gains and other selfish motives.Preventing Data Security Breaches And Identity Thefts Information Technology Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: data loss and other data security breaches. Increasing information security breaches and cases of identity theft in recent times threaten the marketing of products and services either online or offline like never before.

Five Network Security Breaches Essay. Five Network Security Breaches Network breaches are an ever-present and growing threat to network security.

It security breaches essay

There are many ways that such breaches can occur, and the following material will analyze five case studies. Related Documents: Essay on Tjx Security Breach Security: Security and Information Essay that is an intentional or unintentional attempt to cause damage or compromise to the information and/or the systems that support it.

Breach notification laws enacted by many states require the disclosure of security breaches involving sensitive personal information (Stevens, ). The story of Health Net of Connecticut ("Health Net") is instructive. Data Breach Essay In today’s digital world, most Americans leave long electronic trails of private information.

iPad Security Breach Assessing the Impact of the Apple iPad Security Breach Discuss Goatse Security firm possible objectives when they hacked into AT&T's Website. Preventing Security Breaches Essay Sample. When an organization uses and relies on computer systems and information technology to assist in running their company(s) and also uses these resources to store important, personal information about clients, customers, employees, and the organization itself, it is important to have the adequate security protection in place to prevent this information.

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