Groupon introduction

Terabytes of data are exchanged daily among these services, and part of this flows through our messaging platform. Two use cases originally motivated us to build a distributed messaging platform: Events created by one application are interesting to multiple parties, which need to be notified about the event in real-time.

Groupon introduction

Its name stems from group coupons, and the website offers marked down gift cards able to be used at companies all over the world. Intwo years after launching, Groupon already served over markets in North America and hundreds the world over, thus exhibiting how successful this specific startup is.

This company was chosen out of curiosity in finding out just how Groupon makes money and how it positions itself in the market, and we intend to adopt what we can from their prosperous business model. Namely, I will address customer segments, value propsitions, distribution channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key partnerships and cost structure.

Groupon introduction

Please find the diagrams in the appendix that should help to better illustrate the markets they serve broken up into different demographics. Furthermore, the segments they serve are very young, most users aged around Consequently, Groupon attempts to provide coupons for services that have the same or a similar target demographic restaurants, hotels, massages, and other products the young generation of today makes Groupon introduction of.

They have picked the perfect channel through which to reach the young and educated segment the internet. Groupon creates value through the low prices they offer but also through the convenience and accessibility of the wide-range of products they provide. Groupons initial value proposition was to help local businesses introduce people to their businesses, thus allowing companies to acquire future potential clients.

In addition to serving as a platform for generating new customers, Groupon supplies geo-centric coupons meaning that geo-targeting advertisements place the product coupon at the fore of the most suitable customers. Groupon also provides a short description of the company beyond giving out the coupon.

Therefore, companies that subscribe to Groupon provide coupons in exchange for good advertising. In that sense, Groupon aids in generating the desired buzz via word of mouth advertising, one of the most powerful advertising techniques. Groupon also fosters a sense of urgency since the deals are only available for one day.

Channels Groupon serves as a distribution channel for businesses and does a very good job in creating brand awareness, especially for smaller companies. However, how do they reach their customers? Groupon targets certain markets and sends personalized emails to potential clients, sometimes amounting to around 5 billion emails every month.

In order to personalize the emails, Groupon collects data such as age, gender, zipcode and what you buy or click on. Once all this data is collected they process it and then know what deals should be sent where or to whom they should be sent.

In recent years they have begun to advertise in newspapers, magazines and also on the radio and television.

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This is true in some way for Groupon in the sense that what the users view on the internet affects what type of coupons they will receive from Groupon. Customer Relationships Groupon creates a dialogue with the customer by sending a personalized email after every purchase with the aim of retaining the customer for future business.

In a sense, Groupon also creates somewhat of a narrative with the customer in that they continuously keep them updated and send personalized emails containing products that would satisfy a certain segment, for example.

Recently, Groupon has decided to create different websites that strive to attract even more customers example: Revenue Streams Most of their revenue depends on the number of deals they manage to sell and ultimately the size of the deal they sell.

Groupon also makes revenues from businesses via subscription fees, however for normal users there is no subscription fee.Introduction course or accredited diploma specialized in nutrition, weight loss and sports nutrition for all levels Live Online Academy.

Groupon is an easy way to get huge discounts while discovering fun activities in your city. Our daily local deals consist of restaurants, beauty, travel, ticket vouchers, shopping vouchers, hotels, and.

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Alpha Trading . Learn the history of Groupon a global local commerce leader offering consumers incredible deals on the best stuff to eat, see, do, and buy in 48 countries.

Learn the history of Groupon a global local commerce leader offering consumers incredible deals on the best stuff to eat, see, do, and buy in 48 countries.

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One or Two Tickets for Nashville Mural . Groupon already has plenty of exposure, but expect to see more people signing up after yesterday's controversial Super Bowl commercial.

This deal-of-the-day company offers localized coupons for. Introduction. Groupon’s architecture is composed of many services connected via either messages or HTTP REST APIs. These services manage functions such as processing your orders, shipping your Groupon Goods, or offering $5 off of your next order!

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