Essay about jungle trekking

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Essay about jungle trekking

Contact Essay trip to national park The rhino stood right in front of us for a while and then disinterestedly moved away into the thick forest. Then it was time to go back to our cottage.

Expressions english essay jungle trekking

Beautiful storks atop the trees alongwith their family were busy feeding their babies. The seat was like a cot with four sides. Our journey came to an end but the sweet memories of Chitwan will remain with us forever.

Our adrenaline rushed at the announcement that the next day we would be walking around the jungle with our guide, Ramuji. All the time the mahout attended to them and fed them as well.

Suddenly we heard a sound and pricked our ears to ascertain from which direction it was coming.

Essay about jungle trekking

We canoed to cross the Narayani river and reach the main island. It was a protected area to ensure conservation of the maximum number of wildlife species.

As soon as my vacation started we flew to Kathmandu and from there to Pokhra.

Essay about jungle trekking

We were feeling sad to leave but indeed we had a nice trip. At the same time we had to be very alert all the time and follow our guide.

Ramuji communicated with us by gestures only.

We felt like running but Ramuji stopped us. Amidst the fading glow of the sun we could spot many birds in the twilight flying past us; some were still wading in the water at a distance. The driver told us not to talk or make much movement.

The following day we went again inside the forest but this time on an elephant safari. You can only hear the crickets and see the fireflies flashing. All of them were very nice and dutiful and took immense care of all the tourists there.

Trip to Chitwan National Park in Nepal School Essay We had heard that Chitwan National Park in Nepal is a rich habitat of various kinds of birds, animals, insects and most of all the one-horned rhinoceros.

It was none other than the big rhino with a baby! Rhino poaching is usually a menace in a jungle. We stared in utter awed silence.

Other tourists were also there. We saw cranes, kingfishers, ospreys and egrets. The jeep was open and we had a full view of the jungle around.

Once we reached our cars we waved out to the men waiting on the other side of the bank of river Narayani. The guest-relations-officer had instructed us about the jungle rules and how to carry ourselves. When we reached our jungle-cottage there was the usual unruffled silence.

There was a pleasant but strong smell typical of a jungle with so many trees, bushes and blooming flowering plants.

But the forest officers are taking good care of these animals.

Pai thailand jungle trekking essay

We could not wait any longer. In the afternoon we found the elephants in their enclosure after a tiring day of making the rounds with the tourists.At this place is not just one activity that can we do, the other activity is we can do is jungle tracking go through the forest to enjoy the natural flora and fauna.

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Jungle Trekking Essay Jungle Trekking 丛林徒步旅行 After the UEC examination, we [had had enough of / were tired of / were sick of 厌倦] studying and books, [so / therefore / thus 所以] we decided to [go camping / go for a camping trip].

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