Environmental business plan template

Write an Environmental Management Plan for a Small or Medium Business SMB As an owner of a small or medium-sized business SMBit is terrific that you have decided to tackle making your small business more sustainable and environmentally safe. You can also check out the link at the bottom of this article to download the PDF file for the entire guide. By John 3 minute Read As an owner of a small or medium-sized business SMBit is terrific that you have decided to tackle making your small business more sustainable and environmentally safe.

Environmental business plan template

Almost all businesses large or small will have some impact on the environment and as a result, should have an environmental management plan in place that helps minimise this impact.

There are plenty of additional benefits for environmentally friendly small businesses.

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For example small businesses with an effective environmental policy will also benefit in the form of cost cutting due to developing more sustainable practices, a distinct competitive advantage over business who are not environmental business plan template compliant less chance of negative publicity and your business will be seen as environmentally responsible which in many cases will help open new doors and aid in your marketing efforts, helping position your business as a responsible entity.

Your legal obligations It also just so happens to be the law. There are heavy fines in place for those businesses who are responsible for harming the environment and these laws are heavily enforced. A business that has an environmental management plan in place reduces the possibility of being reported and is also seen as proactive when it comes to their environmental impact in the event that there was an issue reported.

What is an environmental management plan So while it obviously makes sense to consider the environment where should a small business owner start the process of becoming environmentally compliant? The main focus should be on the development of an environmental management plan EMP.

This is simply a plan that is unique to your business and outlines: Environmental issues the business may face The potential outcome of these issues How the business plans to manage these issues e. It should be given the appropriate consideration from all staff and management.

In some cases, this may involve appointing an environmental manager so your business has a staff member who is responsible for ensuring your EMP is followed and all staff is trained and understand their responsibilities. This includes the potential to pollute waterways e.

A Sample Environmental Consulting Firm Business Plan Template

If for example, the small business in question was a surf club one of these activities might include refueling of the rescue boats or vehicle washdown. In most cases, the list of activities will be fairly lengthy. This helps the business owner with focusing on the most urgent requirements first.

In the case of the surf club mentioned above, surf rescue boats typically being two-stroke engines may require that a small quantity of oil is stored on the premises. The impact of an oil spill could be considered a moderate risk and also draw unwanted attention in such a public location as the beach.

This is important, your staff will often be responsible for the activities that pose a potential threat to the environment and while helping identify the risks will also be on board from the start when developing your EMP.

This will also help with training and be identifying the best candidate for the position of an environmental manager if this is required for your business. This might include accident reports, environmental issues that arise as a result of severe weather events and complaints you may have received from the public.

For example, you may have issues with liquid storage that need to be addressed or your personal protection equipment PPE may need to be renewed on a regular basis. As the business owner, you may even consider engaging the consultant to develop the EMP for you.

If not handled by the business owner, management or staff then training will be required which can in most cases also be arranged by the consultant. Controlling the impact of your business on the environment The next step in developing your EMP should be the actions you will undertake to minimise the environmental impact of your business, this includes:; Write an Environmental Management Plan for a Small or Medium Business (SMB) As an owner of a small or medium-sized business (SMB), it is terrific that you have decided to tackle making.

A Sample Environmental Consulting Firm Business Plan Template Are you about starting an environmental consulting company?

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Environmental Management Plan for Small Business

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Mar 15,  · Documenting Your Environmental Management Plan – a Workbook for Small Business (Workbook) was produced under the direction of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Small Business Divi- sion. Consultant Business Plan Template – Download Now.


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environmental business plan template

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