Dissertations computing

The copyright of the items in this collection belongs to the University of South Africa. This study investigates the use of ICT in teaching and learning with the objective of establishing whether User experience of academic lecturing staff in the use of a learning management system tool:

Dissertations computing

Danupon Nanongkai supervised by Profession Richard J. Lipton at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Eligibility To be eligible for the award in year X, a nominated dissertation must have been successfully defended in the period January 1st, X-2 through December 31st, X If the advisor of the dissertation is in the core committee of year X see belowit cannot be nominated in year X.

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In this case the eligibility period extends by one year, i. The core committee of year X is disjoint from those of years X-1 and X Each dissertation is thus eligible exactly twice. The dissertation must be in English: The main topic of the dissertation must be on the principles of Distributed Computing.

Nomination and Submission A one-page nomination letter must be submitted by the thesis advisor.


Submission Checklist A nomination must include: Contact details affiliation and email addresses of the advisor and the doctoral student. If not indicated by the document, also state the period of time the student was enrolled in the doctoral program.

Dissertations computing

A one page justification letter. The following four lists of work co authored by the candidate: Publications that contain material from the thesis, detailing what material was taken from which part of the thesis and the parts that are not contained in the thesis.

Publications that are cited in the thesis, but do not contain material that also appears in the thesis. Papers currently under review, including journal submissions of previously published work, that contain material from the thesis, detailing what material was taken from which part of the thesis and the parts that are not contained in the thesis.

Those parts of the thesis which are not included in the other lists. One copy of the dissertation in electronic form preferably in pdf. A separate copy of the abstract in electronic form either as pdf or plain text.

Award Committee and Review Process The committee will consist of four core members and a number of ad-hoc members, selected as described below.

The review process will consist of two stages: The first selection phase, carried out by the core members, will be based on the nomination letters and publication lists.Database Menu Click on the subjects below to jump to that section.

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Personal and Ubiquitous Computing publishes peer-reviewed multidisciplinary research on personal and ubiquitous technologies and services.

The journal provides a global perspective on new developments in research in areas including user experience for advanced digital technologies, the Internet of Things, big data, social technologies and mobile and wearable devices.

Computing Dissertations. Follow Evolutionary Abstraction of Semantics for Domain Specific Computing With Words, Paulus Nadi Wahjudi.

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Dissertations from Link. Guided Genetic Evolution: A Framework for the Evolution of Autonomous Robotic Controllers, Khaled El-Sawi.

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Dissertations computing

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