A case study on the financial management of a public limited company

Activity Ratios Activity ratios indicate how effectively a company is managing its assets. Inventory turnover and days sales outstanding DSO are particularly useful:

A case study on the financial management of a public limited company

About Miniclip Miniclip is a gaming company with 70 million active users. Today, Miniclip is one of the largest online gaming sites in the world, and inexpanded into the mobile market. Each time the company deployed a new game, it took four weeks—and launching it took another five days. Time to market is crucial for Miniclip.

A case study on the financial management of a public limited company

Before migrating to AWS, the company struggled to estimate the amount of hardware it needed to launch a new game. Capital expenditures CAPEX for new hardware quickly added up to the tens of thousands of dollars, and there was never a guarantee that the hardware could be scaled up quickly enough if demand for a new game increased.

Maintaining a data center brought its own problems, and the developers at Miniclip were being diverted from revenue-generating activities to solving performance issues in the data center.

Miniclip managed security at the system level, which posed a security risk. Miniclip looked at different cloud vendors, but quickly discovered that Amazon Web Services AWS was the most knowledgeable, mature, and cost-effective provider on the market.

Scaling its games is of paramount concern to Miniclip, and using AWS allows the company to meet any traffic demand. In the Miniclip game Pool, the company recently launched a new feature called Cues with Powers, that increased the amount of requests to its back-end API system.

Miniclip uses Amazon DynamoDB for a custom game data service that allows third-party games to store almost any type of data in this service without requiring development support. Recently, Miniclip began to use the in-memory service Amazon ElastiCache with both Redis and Memcached to enhance performance database functions.

A case study on the financial management of a public limited company

Soccer Stars mobile and Mini-soccer web. After migrating to AWS, Miniclip now experiences availability in the five 9s Latency was reduced from 4.

Time to market decreased by 97 percent. Infrastructure costs were reduced by 69 percent, and the manpower required to run the infrastructure was reduced by 66 percent. Now, with the ability to get games to market faster, Miniclip has become a leader in the industry.

The benefits of AWS extend beyond technological performance: AWS also enhances human performance.Scientific Papers (kaja-net.com) Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology 1 Vol.

III, Issue 5 October Case Study on Analysis of Financial. Back to the AOL case, the principle guiding these decisions, known generally as “the matching principle”, is simple kaja-net.com principle ties “expense recognition” to “revenue recognition“; dictating that efforts, as represented by expenses, be matched with accomplishments (i.e., revenue), whenever it is reasonable and practicable to do so.

IBM Global Business Services © IBM Corporation Overview Many business drivers are now requiring organizations to institutionalize data governance. Case Study: Banpu Public Company Limited Background Create a company-wide Contractor Management System to minimize risks across mining operations in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Laos for Banpu Public Company Limited.

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